INTRIGANT IMAGE captured in GOOGLE MAPS causes REVOLUTION in the network

The users made a new discovery that arouses many suspicions about the intriguing image.

Google Maps does it again. The company that has popularized its Street View service has very busy tourists who make virtual tours.

On this occasion, an unusual image surprised the netizens: a man with a gas mask, who hides among bushes of what seems to be a thick forest and looks towards the camera in a threatening attitude, La Rep├║blica reports.

Although it is a fixed photo that does not allow to infer greater details of context, hundreds of users of the web have ventured to launch theories about the subject behind the mask, which they called “terrifying”.

The image has gone viral and, although more rational have speculated that it is a man who enjoys a simple game of costumes with his friends, the position shown in the photo gives a sinister look.