One year old baby stands out in the SNOWBOARDING

Snowboarding is a sport that may seem complicated for some, but this little baby just one year old, dominates the table as a true professional and his parents are proud of her.

Cash Rowley can barely walk, but seems to have no problem using his snowboard, which his parents had bought him before he was born, so they already knew what his destination was.

It was when she was 9 months old, that the little girl started taking her first steps, the moment her parents decided that it was time to start introducing her to the world of snowboarding.

Knowing that her legs were not yet used to the movement, the first thing they did was to place it on the table and, with the help of a cord, move it around the carpet of the house as if it were a mountain of snow.

Thus, when she was taken to Bogus Basin, a ski facility in Idaho, Cash was already more than ready for her first snow experience, which was captured on video and shared on YouTube by her father Nick Rowey.

Parents believe that their daughter has a future in this sport and they already think about the Olympic Winter Games, as well as maybe a scholarship that allows her to study a university career. Although it is not the only sport they have in mind for Cash, they also consider some surf lessons in California.