The most amazing NATURAL ice rinks in the world

Low temperatures can transform the landscape into a winter paradise. The lakes and rivers become beautiful natural ice rinks.

Shortly we present 10 natural ice rinks that will surely fascinate you.

Do not take long to visit your favorite ice rink, because spring will come and these winter wonders will simply fade away.

Lake Vanern is the largest lake in Sweden and the third largest in Europe, which means it offers a variety of skating options.

Lake Minnewanka is a glacier lake located in the eastern part of Banff National Park in the province from Alberta, Canada, about five kilometers northeast of the town of Banff.

Lake Louise is the jewel of Canada’s Rocky Mountains, tops its natural charms with an elaborate and bright ice castle. Not to mention the surrounding mountains and the Victoria Glacier.

Located in southern Austria it offers a spacious environment for an energetic skate. It is located north of Hermagor, and has an elongated shape with 11.6 km in length and a maximum width of 900 m.