Things you’re going to want to buy as soon as you finish laughing at them

If you think you’ve seen everything and nothing can surprise you, do not rush to draw conclusions. The imagination of the designers is really inexhaustible, and the inspiration can be found in anything, for example, in bacon, in kittens, in kisses, in microbes and even in famous politicians.

According to the manufacturer, this light and non-slip footwear is equally comfortable for the beach, the pool, festivals, fishing and even for walks around the city.

Well, why not try it? An “entertaining anatomy” on the beach.

Maybe this swimsuit looks a little gloomy, but it has been sold successfully for several seasons.

After all, as we know, anything has its buyers. Of course it is not beer, but only milk in a rare bottle with a pacifier.

Perhaps it is appreciated by pranksters parents who love to provoke others, generating outraged comments about the upbringing of children