The vagabond is not identified by the police.

The French police are trying to locate, by all means, a vagabond of 50 years who took from Charles de Gaulle airport in the French capital, two bags containing 300 thousand euros.

The man found open the door of an office where he manages the cash in the terminal and took two large bags without using any violence, as reported by France 24. Today this unemployed is a rich man.

Two policemen assure that the theft was recorded by the security cameras of the airport. In the images you can see how he searches through the garbage, outside the offices of the Loomis company, in charge of handling the cash in the airport. In a moment he leans against the door of the office and it opens.

An official of the Union of the Police of the airport commented in the French television that “to its surprise, the door opens, it enters and discovers that there is a great amount of money”. The video also shows the vagabond, when he leaves the airport carrying two large bags.

Members of the police have recognized the man who usually sleeps in the streets near the complex.

Although it is not identified, authorities say it is one of the dozens of homeless people who move around the airport looking for food. And that he committed the “perfect crime” without weapons and without violence.